Turquoise Care


1. Buy from a jeweler you trust.

Turquoise is commonly treated to improve its stability and color. If you are looking for turquoise that has not been treated in any way, make sure your jeweler has the gemological expertise and knowledge.


2. Protect turquoise from chemicals and cosmetics.

Natural turquoise can absorb things like cleaning products, perfume, or metal polish, which may affect its color. Remove turquoise jewelry when cleaning and applying products to your skin and put your turquoise on after using cosmetics and lotion.


3. Turquoise might gradually darken as it’s worn.

Because most turquoise is porous, it can absorb skin oil. Beads and rings that touch the skin can gradually darken as they absorb natural skin oils.


4. Fine quality turquoise has long-lasting beauty.

The best quality turquoise is harder and more durable. Turquoise jewelry has been found that is thousands of years old and still bright and beautiful.