Why Wearing Navajo Pearls and Accessories Can Be Incredibly Beneficial

Native American Handmade Jewelry Navajo Pearls Squash Blossom Vintage Turquoise

Fashion is ever-changing, but there are some things that definitely don’t go out of style, and Navajo Pearls are one of them. This does not just pertain to Native American Turquoise Jewelry, as there are also items such as wild rags and American Bonfire Co sunglasses to consider. Whether it’s a silver and turquoise necklace or a cowboy hat, there is something for everyone. However, being ripe for choice can also be somewhat overwhelming.

Here are some reasons why accessorizing can be incredibly beneficial.

Express Yourself

Educational institutions and even some workplaces can have pretty strict dress codes. Accessorizing is one way to be able to express yourself without breaking any rules. A Turquoise set of clips in the hair to complement a school uniform can make all the difference. 

Likewise, wearing a muted or pastel coat can tone down a bright work smock. Turquoise Pins expressing solidarity for the global causes you believe in can be a subtle yet meaningful addition to any outfit. This also goes for pet lovers, as getting a pair of cat-shaped earrings or a pawprint necklace can be a nice nod to your furry friend. 

There is so much that can be said with just a few accessories to spruce up any outfit to add your western fashion flair, no matter the occasion.

Save Time and Money

While this may seem like an odd reason since accessorizing is an additional step in a routine, there is actually quite a bit of time saved by wearing accessories. It is easy to develop basic, trusted outfits that work for most of your daily needs then use accessories smartly to change the overall look. A single piece in your wardrobe can get multiple looks and uses, going from cute accessories like a fun Turquoise brooch to a more classic string of Navajo Pearls over a black dress.

Figuring out what accessories to pair with jeans and a short-sleeved t shirt for the day is certainly much faster than standing in front of your closet wondering what top and bottom to wear at all. Accessories also happen to be much cheaper than clothes, and are far less of a size issue whether your measurements go up or down later on.

Stand Out

One of the best things about the wide variety of women’s accessories in the market is that being a stand out is made much easier. How many times have you walked into a party or even your workplace to find someone in the same blouse, shirt, jeans, or even dress? The one who will stand out between the two of you is whoever picked a nicer pair of shoes and tops the look off with the right accessories. Sometimes it’s even a Tooled Leather handbag that can make all the difference.


While accessorizing may seem downright frivolous, there’s actually a lot of practical good to it. When done properly, it can be a wonderful way to express yourself. It can also elevate even the simplest of outfits to something more elegant or more fun, ultimately depending on what you need at the moment.

Looking for a silver turquoise necklace and other accessories? Reach out to Kittie K Ranch and Co! We are a Western fashion and lifestyle company built on the principles of style and grace.

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