Best Tips to Stylishly Mix and Match Your Silver Jewelry

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It can be an incredibly tricky thing to choose your jewelry for everyday use. You don't want to end up wearing cheap pieces, but there's also the worry of being over the top if, especially if there's a full gold rush feel in your outfit. A great solution to this dilemma is to make full use of silver pieces. No matter the occasion, wearing silver jewelry is a timeless, classic response.

Silver Jewelry: Simple yet Classy

Affordable and versatile, silver jewelry affords a perfect balance between simplicity and class. This is especially true if you are able to know what goes well with silver. Sterling silver jewelry can go with your daytime looks every day, but it also has a look that is elegant enough to let you stand out during events that are more formal. 

Here are some of the best tips to stylishly mix and match your silver jewelry.

Opt for the Best Colors Possible

While silver is always versatile, it's important to wear colors that best allow the jewelry to stand out. Black is easily the best color to pair with it, such as a Navajo silver turquoise bracelet when you're in a sleek black dress. This is because these two colors create the perfect contrast. 

Burgundy and dark blue are two other colors that look gorgeous when paired with silver, allowing the jewelry to shine and take center stage. Lighter shades, on the other hand, do not go too well with silver. Pastels and light yellows will only drown out silver’s shine.

Choose Simple Patterns

When deciding what clothes to wear, your best bet is to keep every little thing at a minimalist level. Busy and textured patterns can distract the eye from your silver jewelry's simple beauty. A clash of visuals will then occur, all but invalidating your efforts to look stylish and highlight the jewelry. Go with simple patterns, especially if you are wearing layers of Navajo pearls or similar, so that the jewelry by itself will be able to serve as the statement piece.

Style Appropriately for the Occasion

Of course, you should always choose the style that matches the occasion. For a regular workday, you can try wearing a silver pair of earrings or a silver necklace paired with burgundy clothing. That way, you can look put together, highlight your simple yet striking jewelry, and manage to not look over the top at all. For an evening date or formal dinner, be somewhat bolder with your choices. Try multiple silver necklaces and jewels of varying colors.


Silver jewelry is beautiful and gives off a more subtle vibe. It all depends on where you're going, what the occasion is, and how you use it. Be sure to get pieces that are not just beautiful, but are made well by reputable jewelers so you can amp up your style with silver jewelry that will look good and last for years!

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