Everything You Need to Know About Navajo Pearls: Buyer’s Guide

Navajo Pearls

Buying Navajo pearl jewelry is a great way to show pride in your Native American heritage and love for the culture. Each pearl is also handcrafted, and no pearl is alike, making each jewelry unique. 

For instance, you can feel and appreciate each Navajo pearl on silver and turquoise bracelets and just marvel at the amount of time and effort poured into making each one. However, you do need to know a few more details to ensure that you understand what you are getting into when you buy these pearls. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 

This article will talk about the different Navajo pearls that you can encounter in the market. We will also talk about the process of making pearls and other essential things to help you buy the best jewelry. Take this as an opportunity to get more out of your money by purchasing the best pieces for your collection. 

The Different Navajo Pearls

When you go shopping for Navajo pearls, you will find the following bead styles and shapes. Remember them to help you determine what best speaks to your taste and preferences: 

  • Round: These are the most basic and popular kinds of pearls sold in the market. Sometimes, they are also referred to as sterling silver pearls because of their deep gunmetal-like color. 

  • Melon: Melon-shaped pearls have an elongated form that almost looks like a watermelon seed. They are popular among Navajo pearl collectors because they are unique. 

  • Seed: Seed-looking pearls look like round Navajo pearls that are tinier and have a defining seam. It does look like a seed because of the seam and size. 

  • Stamped: Stamped pearls have patterns that are either subtle or well-defined. Stamped pearls can also be fluted or embossed with a ridged design. 

  • Barrel: Barrel-like pearls are smooth and cylindrical, which makes them unique. They tend to be narrower than other pearls. 

  • The Process of Making Navajo Pearls 

    The process of Navajo pearls starts with two hand tools. You have a dapping block with concave half domes in one hand and a set of dapping punches in the other. There are various sizes for each tool to help you tweak the size of each pearl. 

    Each pearl begins with two sterling silver flat discs, both of the same size. You need to make a dome with each disc using your tools until you end up with halves to form your pearl. You need to fill the halves and drill holes on top. You can then use narrow strips of silver solder between the halves and solder them together. All the imperfections are buffed out and polished, which yields a perfect Navajo pearl! If you want to make bracelets and necklaces, you need to make more Navajo pearls. 

    Buying Tips for Navajo Pearls

    Put your Navajo pearl knowledge to the test by going shipping for them with the following tips in mind: 

  • Look at the pictures: Scrutinize every product shot of Navajo pearls that you find online, and make sure that each piece you want to buy is something that you want to wear and collect. You can also request more pictures if you’re more particular about each jewelry piece’s look. 

  • Have a dedicated place for your jewelry: Your Navajo pearls, just like any prized jewelry, should be treated with respect and care. That is why you must have a designated storage space for them in your wardrobe. 

  • Look for deals: Every Navajo pearl shopper’s best friends are gift cards and access to deals that they can use. Check out our gift cards that are ideal gifts for friends and family. 

  • Conclusion 

    Navajo pearls are a pleasure to have in any fashionable wardrobe, and now you know more about them. You just need to find a place to buy your best piece. Keep your eyes peeled for the beautiful Navajo pearls! 

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