How to Care for Your Sterling Silver to Make It Last a Lifetime

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When you open a person's jewelry box, you'll often find sterling silver in there. Sterling silver is loved by many because of its brilliant shine, versatile look, and glamorous feel. Besides that, sterling silver is incredibly timeless, making it one of the most popular jewelry choices for people. 

Jewelry is one of the lifestyle products that many people love to splurge on. Although it can be incredibly fun and exciting to purchase jewelry, nothing gives anyone a headache more than tarnished pieces of sterling silver. And though cleaning your jewelry is key to keeping it looking new and stunning, most people dread the cleaning process because of fear of ultimately damaging your pieces.

If you're one of those who are scared to clean their jewelry but need to, don't panic; we've got you covered. In this article, we'll share sterling silver care tips to help make your pieces of jewelry last a lifetime. Let's start cleaning!

1. Know the rating of your sterling silver

The way you clean your sterling silver will rely on the rating of its material. If your sterling silver has a rating of .950, it will need consistent polishing. However, if your silver has a rating of .925, your jewelry is much sturdier and won't need as much cleaning. 

If you're unsure of your sterling silver's rating, you can ask your jeweler for assistance. Besides knowing the legitimacy of your jewelry through its rating, you'll also be able to care for your pieces with the proper techniques for cleaning. 

2. Keep your silver dry

Did you know that the water we are exposed to isn't purified and will most likely damage our sterling silver? For that reason, you should keep your jewelry away from unpurified water that contains chemicals and contaminants that can tarnish and allow your silver to look dull. 

Ideally, when you shower, you want to remove all types of jewelry in your body. If you forget to take them off, just make sure to pat them and keep them in a dry place. Other places where you shouldn't take your jewelry are swimming pools, hot tubs, and hot springs. These places have either chlorine or sulfur that could damage your silver jewelry, like your Navajo silver rings. 

3. Store your jewelry properly

Proper storage is key to helping your jewelry last longer. Air exposure can tarnish your delicate sterling silver; that's why it's best not to leave your pieces of jewelry lying around in the open air. Instead, keep them in air-tight bags that have anti-tarnish properties to keep air from coming in. This way, your sterling silver will remain shiny and brilliant. 

When storing your silver, you should also remember to unclasp and unhook your jewelry to avoid scratching. With this, you want to ensure that other pieces are in separate bags to avoid tangling and tarnishing. 

4. Polish your pieces

Sterling silver is incredibly delicate, and even if we follow the tips above, sometimes you can't avoid dust and grime from settling in its crevices. It's best to use a simple microfiber cloth to clean your pieces to deal with stubborn dirt.

When you polish and rub your jewelry, make sure you're using up-and-down strokes instead of circular motions because the latter increases tarnish and scratches.


Knowing how to care for your jewelry will make your sterling silver remain stunning and brilliant for years. Although it can be a bit daunting to clean your jewelry yourself, it is necessary to help your pieces last a lifetime. Now that you know how to care for your silver jewelry, like your Navajo silver rings, you can start polishing and show them off on your next day out!

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